HIIT Generator

High intensity interval training workouts at the click of a button.


Randomized Workouts in 3 Steps

Choose Options

Select the number of exercises per round, rounds to repeat, rest and work time, and which exercise types you want to filter out.

You will try to perform one exercise for the duration of the work interval followed by a rest period. Then continue with the next exercise and repeat all of them each round.

Draw Exercises

Using your options, random exercises are drawn from the collection. Review and redraw if you need to. Update filters in the previous steps if there are exercises you can not perform.


Click "Start" and go for it!

Take breaks if you need to but try to only rest during the rest period.

Works Like an App

Save this site to your home screen for a seamless, app-like experience.

Be Safe!

Interval workouts are challenging. Know your own limits. While any workout may at times be uncomfortable it should never be painful. Consult with your doctor, if needed, before beginning any new exercise regime.